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Links and Files...

Well, here you are.. many, many files and stuff to do with Amber. First up, here are some links to other Amber sites:

Amber Links

If you're like me and you can't be bothered with searching through the search engine results for the small amount of true Amber pages, here are a few of the pages I have found (well quite a few). Please take the time to peruse them as you should find (most) of them good quality.

Chris Bickford - Amber DRPG
Trapped in Amber This is a slightly weird Amber Page.
Jerome Lavigne's Amber Page A small but well organised web page.
Nexus of the Crisis and Origin of Storms A well planned PBEM (Play By E-Mail) game setup.
Mer's Homepage Go to her(his?) interests section.
Amber - Amber Partial Powers List This is an excellent partial powers list for the Amber DRPG. I urge you to at least browse through it.
Amber DRPG
The Hall of Mirrors This page has a very good (canon) partial powers system.
The Black Oak Hart, Powers A great PBEM in a totally different universe.
Amber Elders: Home Page The sort of up and running Amber Elders homepage. Eventually it will contain a 'homepage' for each of the elders. Benedict is the only one working at the moment.
Princess Invidia's Amber Page One of the net's best Amber sites, well worth a visit.
A Pattern in the Web The definitive E-zine for Amber DRPG. Drop in sometime.
Corwin's Pattern
Barton's Amber Page. well set up page with lots to see.
The AmberMUSH ftp site this has some good files.
Sarah Bear's Lair She won't bite and her page is worth a trip over. enjoy.
Amber index
Amberite Elders: Main Page
Amber Puppeteers Campain The Puppeteers PBEM homepage.. drop him a line!

The WWW Home Page of Juha juuso Vesanto While not strictly Amber, this webpage is an excellent resource for all of you who want to create for themselves a fantasy universe, for roleplaying or otherwise.

Amber related files...

Oh yeah, all of these files will be loaded like a normal page so if you like the look of them or want to keep them just save the file from the appropriate menu- thanx. P.S. they're not mine so if you like/hate them mail the maker, not me.

First on the list - Amber items a new system for item creation, extending the point values and powers so that they go 1-2-4-8-16 points as they get more powerful. Personally I think that some of the abilities are overpowerful and it allows for some abuse, but as long as your GM is careful, it is a very good system.

Second we have the Amber books timeline which outlines the exact sequence of events and dates. Good for all you GM's (and players) out there unsure of character's ages etc.

Next we have another conjuration extension of advanced conjuration with additional features. In neat-o HTML format too!

The Power of Dreaming is a new power created by JRC8575@RIGEL.TAMU.EDU (red rover) which is not supported by the series, but hey, who cares?

This is another sorcery and conjuration extension by (Frank T Sronce). Well thought out but it still uses the basic system outlined in the DRPG book.

Someone (Peter - or has manipulated the original powers system and messed around with them to their liking. Only use it if you like it, hey?

A great twist to the normal Pattern system is added with the Pattern Champions. Of course, like everything this is only good if your GM will allow the system, just like everything else here. A note to GM's this system gives lots of power to the player so make sure you regulate it.

Here is another good resourse for the GM - a complete list of shadows mentioned in the books. Also done up in HTML.

Here for your pleasure is a complete rewrite of the Sorcery rules. I like them but it's up to the GM as usual.

This is a very long modification of the Sorcery rules brought to you by Jvstin. Also done in HTML.

The vortex is a new power to offset Trump. Done up in HTML by Judd Goswick.

And the grand finale (RUM TUM TUM TUUUUM!!) a new power - Ygg! I love it.

Well that's all for now, enjoy all the new material and mail me if you have any problems etc.